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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is this CBD thing that I keep hearing about?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound produced by the hemp plant that may provide therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Got it, Now What is CBD Good For?

CBD has a diverse list of potential medicinal uses. Recent studies show that CBD may have neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. CBD may also have potential therapeutic value in the treatment of motivational disorders such as depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Ok, so how does CBD work in the body?

Just like our circulatory system and our respiratory system, our bodies have an endocannabinoid system. Our endocannabinoid system comprised of CB1 and CB2 receptors plays a crucial role in regulating a broad range of physiological processes that affect our everyday experiences – our mood, our energy level, our intestinal fortitude, immune activity, blood pressure, glucose metabolism, how we experience pain, how we experience stress, and much more.

Right, But Does CBD Get Me High?

No, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that affects the endocannabinoid system differently than THC. While THC impacts the CB1 receptors causing euphoria, CBD binds to the CB1 receptors differently preventing the chemical reactions from activating.

What's this you say about Minor Cannabinoids?

The Hemp plant produces many different cannabinoids in addition to CBD. To mention just a few there is CBG, CBN, and CBC all which may have its own therapeutic properties.

Also, What are Terpenes?

Terpenes, or sometimes called Terps, refer to an organic compound that provides the distinct flavor and aroma to all plants, including fruits and vegetables. When combining CBD with terpenes it creates what is known as the “Entourage Effect”, a synergy of therapeutic effects.